About Seed

VBS 2014 179-001Let’s get real. I doubt you have been sitting around waiting to be asked to go to church.  Church is probably not your highest priority. You spend 40+ hours a week at your job, 10+ hours a week in traffic and when the weekend comes, the last place you want to be is sitting with people you don’t know hearing a religious speech. When the sun comes out, you have to get your outdoor fix. When the sun’s not out, all you want to do is heat up your Xbox 360. Am I right?

I understand that. There is nothing wrong with play. But don’t you ever wonder if life has more meaning than what you are experiencing? Is there something bigger than you? Is there really a God? Does He have any purpose for you? Does He care about the real issues you are struggling with?

One guy said to me the other day, “Church seems to be a place where everyone seems to have it all together and since I don’t have it all together, I don’t fit in.” He’s right. Some churches are like that. But not Seed Church. In fact, you’ll fit in more at our church by not having it all together. Of course, we teach from the Bible; otherwise we would just be a glorified talk show where we all gather our pooled ignorance and discuss our “feelings.” That wouldn’t be worth your time. But we also create environments for you to develop authentic friendships in this relationally starved culture. Seed has become a third place, apart from work and home life, for many people. A place where you can eat together, play sports together, grill together, game together, share life together.

So why don’t you come and check us out? There is always room for more people at our table.

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