Seed Life

Seed Life

The mission of Seed Church is to make disciples who embrace, embody and expose the Gospel. It takes a multi-faceted effort to accomplish that mission, and that’s where Seed Life comes in. Seed Life will give you opportunities to connect, to develop or to contribute – all of which are vital for Seed to stay on mission. No matter what your current life-needs are, we welcome you to Seed Life, and hope that you will find a place to belong.


The purpose of the connection environments is to get to know others in the Seed family. Some activities may involve teaching or spiritual dialogue, but most are simply relationship focused. Some examples of these connection points are the Lunch with the Pastors, Prayer Gatherings, Men’s Fire Pit Nights and Women’s Book Club. To keep up with what opportunities are available, join our men’s or women’s Facebook pages, stay up to date via our calendar, or sign up for our newsletter.


The goal of the development environments is personal growth and accountability. However, you’ll find that close relationships can also be formed as you learn together. Some examples of these development opportunities are the Sunday morning teaching, men’s and women’s Bible studies, Redemption Groups, Church & Mission class, and Community Groups. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact us, and we will help you find the group best suited to your needs.


The goal of the contribution environments is to provide opportunities for you to give your time and resources to the work of God’s kingdom at Seed Church. Some examples of these contribution opportunities are the Hospitality team, Worship music, Seed Kids, Seed Youth, Seed Meals, Seed Acts, Missional Communities, grounds and facilities, and sound team. There are needs to match every skill set! If you are interested in serving at Seed, please contact us, and we will help find the right fit for you.