Important Announcement

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In 2003, Brent and Christy Rood packed up their lives and, together with 4 other families, moved to the
Pacific Northwest to plant a church. One year later, in a coffee shop in Bothell, Seed Church was born
and by God’s grace has continued to grow for the last 14 years. Seed has seen many transitions as the
other original planters were one by one called to other churches and ministries, our location changed
from the coffee shop to Country Village to our current building on Cypress Way, and many individuals
joined the Seed family for a time before going on to college, to jobs, to other places. Each person
contributed to the vitality and culture of Seed, making the church what it is today, as we strive to spread
the gospel of Jesus.

We have now reached a new time of transition. It is with hearts full of love, gratitude, and sorrow that
we announce Brent is retiring from professional ministry. He and Christy agree the time has come for
Brent to step out of the pastor role and pursue the new directions God is leading them. Brent plans to
focus on his writing and other creative interests, while also seeking new employment opportunities.
This will be a difficult parting for the Roods as they love the Seed family and have poured their lives into
serving the body in countless ways. They have invested heavily these last 14 years and we, their co-
laborers, are forever grateful. As we approach this season of change, please join us in expressing
appreciation for the myriad ways Brent, Christy, and their 4 children have touched your lives. We are
excited for the Roods and what the future holds for them as they purse their passions in new ways! We
have been praying over them and ask you to now join us as they begin their new adventures later this
year. Brent will continue in his current role into the month of March.

Seed began this journey in September when Brent approached the elders with his decision. John Lehigh
and all six elder candidates—Jeff Krabach, Aaron James, Sean Davern, Brian Bailey, Dave Lester, and Jay
Pearson—remain committed to serving Christ at Seed Church. Brent will continue training up the elder
candidates through March. The elders and operational staff have been planning extensively during this
period to prepare for each step of the transition.

This month we will begin our search for a new teaching pastor. Our first priority was to communicate
with you our dearly loved family in Christ. We can now transition to openly seeking a candidate for this
important role. Please join us in prayer, asking God to bring the right person to the role for mutual
benefit and to God’s glory. May this be an opportunity to bring fresh energy and new perspectives,
while maintaining key elements that make Seed unique to other churches. Even though changes are
difficult, God is clearly at work in our church!

Continue to pray for Seed, a church dying to live, a culture and community made up of people who work
in concert to spread the Gospel of Jesus. May we comfort and encourage one another. Never doubt
that Seed Church is, as it has ever been, fully in God’s hands! There is yet, much good work before us
and we are eager to get to it!