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Christian living is based on the teachings of Scripture. However, knowing general principles and applying them to specific issues can be a difficult task. Our complex world throws complex issues at us that can’t always be quickly answered. The goal of Praxis is to discuss topics such as parenting, communicating through conflict, managing finances, or engaging other religions. The format will be varied from teaching, to video watching, to reading about current issues. However, the emphasis of the class will be on dialogue around ideas in order to grow together.

Stay tuned for our next Praxis on Sunday, July 30th at 6:30pm.

The topic will be:
Domestic Violence: How to recognize and help.
Panel members will include:  Chelsea August (social work experience) and Laura Umetsu (attorney and professor).
We will have a panel discussion and then open up for audience questions or comments.
Childcare is available upon request at $5 per child.
Deadline to RSVP for childcare is Sunday, July 23rd.


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