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Christian living is based on the teachings of Scripture. However, knowing general principles and applying them to specific issues can be a difficult task. Our complex world throws complex issues at us that can’t always be quickly answered. The goal of Praxis is to discuss topics such as parenting, communicating through conflict, managing finances, or engaging other religions. The format will be varied from teaching, to video watching, to reading about current issues. However, the emphasis of the class will be on dialogue around ideas in order to grow together.

Childcare is available with RSVP by April 22nd and is $5 per child.

Please join us at Seed for a discussion panel Praxis on Sunday, April 30th, 2017 from 7:00-8:30pm on the subject:  Politics and the Kingdom: Dialogue in a time of division.

The panel will be:
Timothy Goddard  (Republican/ conservative)
John Earling (Progressive)
Seth Macgillivray (libertarian)
Dave Lester (Independent)
Brent Rood (Moderator)
The “Kingdom and Politics Praxis” is about exploring how Christians can have healthy discussions and debate in a time where there is bitter partisan division.  We wanted to include people who have different political beliefs and talk about how Christians can maintain unity in this time.  The discussion won’t primarily be a debate (although there may be some of that).  It will be a time to talk about how our faith has led us to arrive at our political conclusions and how we can respect those varying conclusions while very much disagreeing on political issues.

If you are able to join us please RSVP to so we know how many to expect!  If you are in need of childcare it is $5 per child and please indicate the ages of your children in the email for planning purposes.  RSVP cut off for childcare is April 22nd.   Thank you!


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