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Seed Reach is involved in several avenues of exposing the Gospel to our world. First, missional communities develop ministries and expose needs to the congregation. Second, strategic partnerships with non-profits help the poor or the socially marginalized.

Below are the ministries we are currently supporting or partnering with.

Kuloshe Organization

This community development organization in Arusha, Tanzania is making a difference in their city and surrounding area. In 2012, Seed gave Kuloshe $15,000 to buy property for an orphanage, and Kuloshe has plans to develop that land and use it to benefit hundreds of orphans in this underdeveloped area of the world.

Living Water

Living WaterWater for life, in Jesus name. Since 1997, Living Water has completed 11,266 projects in 23 countries. In 2010, Seed raised $15,000 for a well to be drilled in Tanzania. In 2012, that well was drilled in Mpalahala, benefiting a remote Maasai tribe whose women previously walked hours each day to get water from a dirty source.

Hand in Hand

Hand in HandHand in Hand’s two ministries, Safe Place and Selah Homes, offer transitional care for children who are taken from their homes in emergency situations, before they are placed into foster care. Safe Place shelters children for up to 72 hours in their facility in Everett, and Selah Homes offers short-term foster care for up to 28 days. Seed is partnering with Hand in Hand to provide volunteers, supplies and funds.


6th Day Dance

6th Day DanceSixth Day is a dance company that strives to create innovative dance theater performances that incorporate mixed abilities in order to challenge society’s view, decrease prejudices and misconceptions, while pushing all their dancers to new levels of artistic excellence. As part of Sixth Day’s outreach program, an instructor from the company teaches free Hip Hop dance classes at Seed on Monday evenings from 6-7pm during the school year.

My Will to Survive

My Will to SurviveEmpowering women. Strengthening our world.

Erin McIntyre has a passion for empowering women both at home and abroad. She is a police officer who teaches personal safety and self defense classes at Seed and other locations, and uses the funds she makes at these classes to travel to Haiti, Honduras and other locations around the world teaching women how to protect themselves in dangerous environments.


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